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A quick surge of spring brings out the biker in us girls. That is bikes you pedal😘. Love the fact that my body is back to new and gets to experience all the excitements life really offers us all😇😍 #transplantsuviors #getoutandcelebatelife

Xoxo, Ash.

<![CDATA[6th month check up]]>Thu, 28 Jan 2016 04:41:00 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/6th-month-check-up
I can't believe it was already time for my 6 month check up. So, much has been said by my doctor of 6 months, one year and the two year markers. To be honest, I had some very low expectations going in. Some fear with everything going on in life and not doing all on my part to strengthen my gifted new lungs. Like each trip our plans seem to change at the last minute😁😁. Maybe, because I am guilty of always thinking I can do it on my own. So, this was the first trip flying commercial and my sweet sister insisted on joining me. Like I've said before it's always something 😅🙀. We were at the gate and missed the flight. I couldn't get through security, but Brooke was loading the plane. Thank goodness mom had a pass to walk through with us or this could have been a disaster🤔😂. Finally there late Tuesday night and ready for the week. My appointments and test all came back great, no rejection, breathing test the highest they ever have been and coming off one of my meds!!! God's grace we never deserve it, but He has been so giving of it. May I really never loose sight of that. Thursday late after my surgery, I get a phone call from the airline😬😬😬😬. At that point they had canceled flights through Saturday and said we would be looking at Monday to Wednesday with as bad as the snow storms were going to be. Why would I not just sit back and enjoy an extended vacation🤔. No, I panicked and rented a car at 5 til 6 and drove all through the night😬. We did arrive home safe around 4am and did miss all the bad weather!! I have to say seeing all knoxvagas got, I felt crazy...but better safe than sorry knowing the route we had to take. Needless to say my body doesn't recover from being up those kind of intense hours and has needed lots of rest to recover, I guess I'm not 20 anymore😉. After all this I say it's time for somewhere WARM⛱⛱⛱☀️☀️☀️


<![CDATA[‚ÄčThe Greatest Gift of All in 2015]]>Fri, 01 Jan 2016 00:26:38 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/the-greatest-gift-of-all-in-2015
It's been a long time since I have posted or said much.  Honestly, life has gotten back to such an old normal and being sick and my transplant feels like a bad dream I had.  This has been a UPMC recovery for their history books!  In this picture you can see and feel the love and excitement that I have fought so hard for!!  So below is a story from me that I was ask to be write for The Knoxvillle News Sentinel for the The Greatest Christmas Gift of All.  I really want to thank everyone for all your prayers, support and love.  I wish you all an amazing New Year full of God' Grace and Blessings!!!.  

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”
 James 1:17

A Merry Christmas is what my family and I are blessed with this year, because of the gift of life through organ donation.   Last Christmas, I was told that I only had seven months to live without a double-lung transplant, after being listed for three years.  I have an autoimmune disease called Systemic Scleroderma that had attacked my lungs.
A mom of an active 6-year-old daughter, I did what any mother would do. I fought to survive.  I was showered with fear of not getting new lungs in enough time and the thought of me not surviving.
My family and I went through requirements of traveling to different states to be accepted.  I could literally feel myself dying and my loved ones watched it all with their hearts breaking.
July 27 this year was my new birthday when I received donor lungs. “They are an exact match and the surgery went perfect,” said the Doctors. I was overwhelmed with joy, excitement, fear, peace and believing I was going to live.
None of this would have been possible without the donor and the donor’s family. Knowing that in their deepest sorrow and loss, they found in their hearts to help many others. In their grief they gave me life.  “Thank you” is never enough.
Christmas is very special. This year, I will be thinking of how God’s shown His love and mercy to us, and how He allowed me to spend this Christmas in health with my daughter and family.
My family and I will always be thankful for my donor and their family, who gave us the greatest gift of all.

Ashley Carpenter
<![CDATA[Volunteering and Giving from our community]]>Mon, 21 Sep 2015 02:13:53 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/volunteering-and-giving-from-our-community
Amazing friends and volunteers!!!!

We are all so humbled by the out pouring of people who came today to donate blood and give back!! I was honored to be able to be there to personally thank each and everyone of you!!! God is good and pours out His blessings with the power of all the many prayers lifted and cried out. A special thank you so much to the Medic Team, The Brook's family, The Carter Family and Parkwest Church for putting together this amazing blood drive and fundraiser!!!!


Todd, Ashley and Saylor

Such a great friend from high school!!!! Thank you so much Deborah!!!!
<![CDATA[Sat, Sep 19, 2015]]>Sat, 19 Sep 2015 13:52:15 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/sat-sep-19-2015

Look what we just got in for tomorrow's Blood Drive. Youth and adult t-shirts & bracelet!!!!! Even if you can't give blood, stop in and show your support!!!            THIS SUNDAY 9-2 at Parkwest Church of God                 7635 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN.

If you can't make Sunday, but would still love to show your support with a t- shirt and bracelet. Email us at lungsforashley@yahoo.com with you sizes and order and out they go!!!!

Adult T-shirts in sizes M-XXL for a donation of $15.00

Youth T-shirts in sizes S & L for a donation of $10.00

Adult Bracelets $5.00

Youth Bracelets $3.00

Thank you so much will never be enough said to each and all of you for your continued love, support and prayers!!!! A very special thank you with lots of hugs to Beki Brooks for all you have done putting together this event!!! I love you girl and you are such a blessing to all!!!!!


Lungs for Ashley

<![CDATA[Replacement Blood Drive & Fundraiser this SUNDAY]]>Fri, 18 Sep 2015 03:12:57 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/replacement-blood-drive-fundraiser-this-sunday

I would be so honored for everyone to join us this Sunday at Parkwest Church of God 9:00am - 2:00pm for a medic blood drive and fundraiser. We will have adult and kids shirts, bracelets, snacks and drinks available for a donation. Come fellowship even if you can't give blood and see the AMZING MIRACLE of healing and restoration from our MIGHTY GOD we serve🎉🎉🙏🙏. There is POWER in PRAYER and in the name of JESUS!!!!

Blessings to all,


<![CDATA[This is Ashley shouting God's Praises!!]]>Wed, 09 Sep 2015 19:31:33 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/this-is-ashley-shouting-gods-praises
On the left is my old lungs and on the right is my NEW bright PINK lungs!!!! I LOVE pink

This is ME, Ashley writing for the first time since my double lung transplant on July 27th!! I'm still standing in a humbled presents of God's healing hand and GIFT of LIFE!!!! I CAN BREATH!! 🎉🙏😇 All the prayers that have been lifted, cried and shouted have been answered!! 🙏🙏🎉🎉 Today on my babies 6th Birthday, Mommy got the best present I could ever give her without me being home. After my Bronoscopy and Lung Biopsy yesterday, today's result show NO REJECTION, NO FLUID and NO INFECTION in the lungs!!!!! Can I get a AMEN, there is POWER in the name of JESUS🙏🙏😇😇. When Dr. Crespo gave me the news today, I just broke down crying tears of Joy and this is only 6 weeks out of surgery. I have been brought to my knees many many and many times throughout this 4 year journey and could not have done it without all your prayer, support, donations, gifts and cards to brighten each day!!!! Thank you will never be enough to say, but I promise you will see me smiling, giving GOD all the Glory and may I bless each of you through my journey from beginning to the end of life!!!!!! As this process of protecting my body and new lungs continues throughout my life I ask for your continued prayers and support.

Visit www.gofundme.com/fundsforashley-com

With all my LOVE,


Just a glimpse into my recover and always pushing myself to get stronger!!!!
<![CDATA[1st Doctors Appt.]]>Sat, 22 Aug 2015 13:21:11 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/1st-doctors-appt

Ashley had her 1st doctors appointment yesterday after being released from the hospital for blood work and an X-ray which will be weekly for the next month also her follow-up with the surgeons. Her Lungs sounded good. She is having a lot of nausea and pain relating to the feeding tube which they are trying to work on her feedings and make adjustments. Her rehab will start next week with a therapist prayers for daily improvements and healing.

<![CDATA[Update on Ashley]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2015 17:28:36 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/update-on-ashley

Sorry for not updating the blog...we have been updating on Ashley's Facebook page.. Ashley was discharged yesterday to our apartment here in Pittsburgh which she will be staying in the Pittsburgh area until the Doctors release her to come back to Knoxville. She is so happy to be in her own space she still has has a long road to travel. She is feeling well and feeling so blessed! Thank You for your continued Prayers!!

<![CDATA[After Feeding Tube Surgery]]>Tue, 04 Aug 2015 19:38:18 GMThttp://www.lungsforashley.com/ashley-updates/after-feeding-tube-surgery

Ashley is so glad to have the tube out of her nose the surgery yesterday went well.. Today Ash has had a little set back she is in a lot of pain and has not been able to get up and down on her own and is very weak they are watching her very close with hopes that it's just from the surgery yesterday... Please keeper her in your prayers today!!! We can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support...Thank You!!!